Welsh Government Focus on Science Campaign

Equinox was asked to develop and deliver a suite of interactive events, to run during British Science Week in March 2016, aimed at school children and their parents /  carers to promote interest in a career in science and little things that parents can do at home to help their children excel at science in school as part of the Education Begins at Home (EBAH) / Focus on Science campaign.

Outputs:  interactive science shows in 12 schools pan Wales to encourage Year 3 & 4 primary school pupils to explore the scientific properties of materials using bubbles and balloons with take home literature for parents to recreate simple science tricks at home with the children;  partnership with LEGO and Communities First Family Signature Programme to run four class-based workshops for participating parents and pupils using the LEGO ® Education WeDo robotics tool to make simple animatronics models as way to demonstrate how technology plays an active role in everyday life;  sponsorship of the 2016 South Wales Big Bang Cymru event at the Swansea University with science career take home information for attending pupils to share with their parents to enthuse 12-19 year olds about a career in science related subjects; media relations support for each event; social media support through production and promotion of  a suite of science experiment videos that parents & children can replicate at home as well as ‘Science Can Take You Places’ career-focused films.

Outtakes and Outcomes


  • 12 x interactive science shows in primary schools pan Wales & suite of five science experiment themed postcards to take home for parents
  • 4 x two-hour interactive LEGO Education WeDo class lessons across Wales & take home information pack for parents
  • 1 x Big Bang Cymru event sponsorship comprising of themed workshops across the event & science career take home information
  • 20 x supporting local media releases and social media scheduling

Reach and engagement

  • 1,200 pupils and their parents / carer reached through the interactive science shows
  • 40 pupils and their parents / carer reached through the LEGO class sessions
  • Over 250 secondary school pupils from 71 schools and their parents / carers reached through Big Bang Cymru sponsorship
  • 15 press and online cuttings in support of above events
  • 500k audience reach through media coverage
  • 200k parents and children reached through social media content supporting the campaign
  • 55k views of the five science themed video shorts on social media
  • 3k engagements with social media content (‘likes’, comments, shares)
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