VIDEO: Four years of working with Cadw in 90 seconds

We’re often asked about our work with Cadw and I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the unusual nature of the projects we’ve delivered over the last four years.

If creating a Lego time-lapse from 6,000 images, painstaking CGI reconstructions and surprise 6ft dragons are not talking points then I’m not sure what is.

Since we started work with Cadw in 2012 we’ve delivered some results that will go down in PR history (sorry).

We’ve generated more than 500 million Opportunities to See, 3.1 million web visits and helped attract almost 5 million visitors to Cadw sites. Oh, and we also inspired a burger.

We could talk about this work all day but, thankfully, we’ve made this video for you instead.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about our Cadw work or any of our other projects, we’re always happy to have a chat*.




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