Using real people really works

This week New Look became the latest high street store to use real people in their advertising campaign – 100 days of Summer.

This concept of using real people in advertising and not models was pioneered by Dove in 2004 when it launched its hugely successful Campaign for Real Beauty. Suddenly real people of all shapes and sizes were being plastered over our billboards and it was well received.

At a time when our media is saturated with reality TV stars, pop stars are born from YouTube and fashion icons are established from blogs, the power of real people is more prevalent than ever.

In recognition of this, back in 2008, Equinox created the Faces of Talbot Green campaign for Talbot Green Shopping Park to celebrate real people with real style. Four years on our annual search for five men and women with real style is still going strong.

Our 2011 Faces range in age from 17 to 56 and size 8 to size 16, reflecting the full spectrum of shoppers at Talbot Green. You see, there’s aspirational and then there’s totally unattainable. The use of real people in advertising makes it achievable and in doing so makes the consumer act on it, whether it’s inspiring the older lady to put the flair back into their wardrobe or encouraging teens to be more confident.


What’s more the Faces of Talbot Green become ambassadors for the Park, passionate positive spokespeople, spreading word of mouth within their local community and on their own social media profiles. It’s this added value that you wouldn’t get using a model from agency books.

blog Faces 2011To take the real element of the campaign one step further we also set up a successful partnership with the Fashion Promotion Course at the University of Glamorgan. Each year first year students compete to style the Faces for the shoot, giving the next generation of fashion trail blazers the opportunity to work on a live brief and look at the real needs of shoppers.

At the end of last week the Talbot Green team and students spent a fantastic day in the studio with our 2011 Faces, giving them the real experience of being a model and their personalities shine through in the photographs which will be seen on taxis, bus rears and billboards across South Wales in June. Look out for them!

Britain really does have talent and we should use it.

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