Talking to the marketers of the future

The last month has seen us re-live our university days and play a small part in helping to develop the marketers of the future, by delivering a series of guest lectures at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Fueled by passion for our work and armed with award-winning case studies, we delivered presentations on the subjects of content marketing and social media to first and third year marketing students.

Using our client STAEDTLER Teachers’ Club as a live case study, Helen and I spoke to Business Marketing students about effective content marketing, demonstrating how we’ve built a highly-engaged community of more than 35,000 teachers since 2012.  We also explained how social media plays a crucial role in driving engagement and website traffic and, as a result of increased branded content, we’re reaching more primary school teachers than ever before.

STAEDTLER World Kids Colouring Day — National Colouring Competition

After a quick lunch, it was Ellen’s turn, joining Helen to present a session on social media to Fashion Marketing students. More specifically, this lecture focused on how to promote and position a product in an aspirational way, whether it’s a pencil or a pencil skirt!

To help illustrate this, Ellen and Helen presented STAEDTLER triplus as a case study, talking about how they used social media to position the colourful product range as “cool” to the target market of teenage girls. They discussed the importance of creating aspirational, ‘Insta-worthy’ content; driving two-way engagement between brand and user; and reaching out to bloggers and influencers to create brand ambassadors to endorse the product.

On the back of the presentation, the students were tasked with a live brief to devise a one-week social media campaign to promote triplus over the New Year, complete with a social schedule and accompanying multimedia project. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Here’s a few lessons that we shared on the day —

  • Know your audience — this is essential to creating quality content. It’s worth researching into other channels the audience will use and similar brands they engage with to find out what they like/dislike. Always encourage feedback, too, whether it’s through digital surveys or focus groups, so you’re always up to speed with what’s happening in their world and can adapt your content around this.
  • Distribute your content — creating great content is all well and good, but it’s important your audience actually sees it. Consider social media advertising, while also looking carefully at social media algorithms to ensure you’re reaching and engaging with your audience as much as possible.
  • Review your strategy — The great thing about digital marketing is the opportunity to tweak your activity as you go. So be sure to set SMART objectives at the beginning of any campaign and regularly monitor how well you’re meeting them and, if not, reassessing what needs to change. Make sure you’re also continually adapting to current trends, so your content is shareable and relevant.
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