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Equinox is a full service communications agency which means that we offer all elements of the marketing mix, including database management and membership services right through to mailing and distribution of associated materials.

We have a specialist team in place who are experts in building, maintaining and manipulating complicated databases to maximise the effect of marketing strategies. We understand the benefits of the latest segmentation models and have the software in place to be able to contact target audiences quickly and effectively. Our specialist database IT team can build bespoke programmes to suit the most complex of requirements to build better channels between businesses and end users.

The team also administers Cadw’s membership scheme, from all member enquiries on the phone, to renewals, online queries, proactive targeting of potential members and overall, keeping the scheme running efficiently over the course of the year. We understand the crucial importance of data security and work with Government and other clients to ensure our safety measures exceed all requirements.

A mailing house function ensures we manage the process of customer management from start to finish to ensure a seamless, efficient service for all clients.

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