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Prevention is better than a cure.

This is especially true when it comes to a crisis. With a business of any kind it’s often not if but when will your organisation face a crisis or an issue which could damage your reputation.

This could range from a product failure, industrial action, redundancy or a serious incident.

Planning for such situations is a critical part of any company’s communications strategy and with more than two decades of experiences Equinox can help you be prepared for such situations.

Equinox’s directors have unrivaled crisis management experience across a wide range of sectors from food and drink, leisure and retail to transport, health and financial. Whether pre-empting a potential issue or dealing with a full-blown emergency, we are often brought in to handle all communications around crises

Equinox has dealt with incidents which include the Paddington train crash, a death at a theme park, the collapse of ITV Digital and inaccurate cancer tests at Wrexham Maelor hospital. We have won awards for our crisis management including Gold CIPR Award for our handling of the NHS Trust crisis in Wrexham.

The ability to remain calm and think fast as a team at a time of a crisis are two of our greatest assets, and our crisis management team of senior PR practitioners is capable of dealing with the demands of the media.

Working closely with you we will provide sound and measured advice on the best course of action and plan accordingly.

We can also establish a press office to manage the media to help take the strain and, if necessary be on site to support with media enquiries.

Whilst a plan to deal with a crisis won’t make the problem go away it will however help you respond more efficiently and professionally.

Equinox can help plan a comprehensive crisis management plan which will include templates for statements and press releases, media strategies and lines of communications, both internally and externally.