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My month as an Equinox intern: Samantha Taite

The latest intern to join us as part of the Equinox Academy is Canadian student Samantha Taite.

We’ve had a great few weeks with Sam and, as many find out, we’re not the type of agency to pass on coffee and photocopying duties – our interns are way too busy for that!

We do, however, make a great cup of coffee and are happy to pass on our secrets.

More of Sam’s thoughts on that, and the important work bit, below.

If you’re interested in spending some time here at EQHC, please get in touch.

On your first day as an intern, you’re nervous…

You wonder if you’ll be making the coffee, photocopying everything, organising the office and doing other admin duties.

What you don’t expect is to be welcomed into a family of dynamic, intelligent and colourful people – which is exactly what happened when I stepped into Equinox.

It sounds cheesy, sure. But, as someone who’s done other work experiences both with agencies and in-house, you really appreciate those who trust you and your creativity, and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Today is the last day of my Equinox internship and truthfully, I’m sad to leave.

While working with Equinox, I’ve been fortunate to work with the consumer team on a wide range of clients and projects.

Great experience

From Cadw to STAEDTLER, it’s been a valuable learning experience.

I got great practise with media sell-ins while assisting Lewis with Arriva Trains, as well as developing in-depth research documents for clients such as STAEDTLER.  I also really enjoyed working on Savills with Sophie (Greenwich Shopping Park, Talbot Green Shopping Park and Castle Marina Retail Park) and developing creative social content, blogs and promotional offers for each location.

In developing the social content, I also used my Canva knowledge to design bespoke visual content specific to each shopping park – something I truly enjoyed.

For Open Doors, a Cadw initiative, I developed a comprehensive contact list of people, places and businesses in Wales that may be willing to ‘open their doors’ to the public. I learned a lot about what Wales has to offer, that’s for sure!

Coffee and campervans

Despite all of the client experience I received with Equinox, one of my most appreciated wisdoms was discovering how to make a proper cup of coffee – something I thought I had mastered, but was proven very wrong on my first day.

This skill is a must, and based on this alone, I encourage any intern who is seeking effective and supportive experience in an agency to apply for a position with Equinox’s Academy.

Having completed multiple internships, I can honestly say that this worthwhile experience should not be undervalued by anyone looking to pursue a career in PR.

Now, I’m on to my next challenge, and am hitting the road to begin a cross-EU campervan journey whilst writing my thesis.

Rest assured I’ll be putting the organisational and time-management skills that I’ve honed at Equinox to good use!

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