Pack Your Imagination – Welsh Government Cadw

Pack Your Imagination – Welsh Government Cadw

The brief:

The brief was to devise a campaign to encourage more families to explore Cadw sites by positioning Cadw sites as a brilliant family day out.


Challenges we faced included:

  • Competition for media coverage in lead up to Easter holidays with other tourism providers,
  • Promoting the same products/sites in a fresh and engaging way that built on the Time Traveller campaign in 2014
  • The need to complement Visit Wales’ ‘Have you packed?’ campaign and fit in with the strategy of creating and portraying imaginative experiences in unique locations
  • Encouraging families to see Cadw sites as a place for a day out and making history fun while not diluting Cadw’s important role in safeguarding our heritage, Limited marketing budget to reach across the whole of Wales.

Target audiences:

  • Existing and potential visitors:
  • Locals – those living close to Cadw sites but unsure of offer for children
  • Children – capture their imagination and spark an interest in history
  • Holiday makers – inside and outside of Wales
  • Stakeholders/Interest groups
  • Media – local, regional and national, online, broadcast and print


The SMART objectives:



  • Secure 1.3m+ PR OTS
  • Secure positive online coverage, including national and international news sites
  • Ensure key messages included in coverage



  • Secure organic positive feedback for campaign from custodians and visitors
  • Create new ambassadors for Cadw



  • Increase family visitor numbers to Cadw sites by 10% vs. same period last year
  • Increase visitor traffic to Cadw’s website by 15% vs. same period last year
  • Secure 10,000 views of video content


Our approach:

To build on the success of Cadw’s 2014 Time Traveller campaign, we:


  • Asked Cadw custodians what they would recommend families pack on a visit to a site – the most popular response was imagination
  • Identified Lego® as quality non-gender specific toy that is relevant to the family audience and sparking imagination
  • Secured AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego®) as ambassadors for the campaign
  • Established partnerships with Lego® Education Centres.


Based on our research, Equinox worked closely with Cadw’s Head of Marketing and the Welsh Government to devise Pack your Imagination (PYI), a media and digital campaign using Lego® as a vehicle to encourage families to discover Wales’s dramatic past as they’ve never seen it before. The campaign would reinforce the message that Cadw sites inspire imagination.


We devised a three-stage approach: 


  1. Campaign launch (27 February) – Equinox established a relationship with Bob Carney, from Decatur, US, who creates giant replicas of European castles from Lego®. After we made contact, he decided to build Cadw’s Rhuddlan Castle from 50,000 Lego bricks. We turned 2,500 photographs of his Rhuddlan build into a three-minute time-lapse video. We devised a competition asking families to visit Welsh historic sites and create their own models from any materials. We issued a press release and video to Wales, national and international media.
  2. Maintaining Momentum (March – April) – we set-up Lego® workshops including animation and Minecraft activities, run by the Lego® Education Centres, at two Cadw sites over the Easter holidays. The events were free, but ticketed via Eventbrite. Following a PR announcement, the workshops sold out within two hours. We created a bank of multimedia content, including:
  • how-to Lego® themed videos,
  • Lego® instructions to build seven mini replicas of Cadw sites, created by acclaimed artist and AFOL, Andy Morris,
  • Lego® themed colour-in postcards and colouring sheets available on-site and online.

We promoted the wider campaign through an online TV ad, social advertising and a PPC campaign.

3.Showcasing results (May) – During Bob’s first visit to Wales in May we arranged two photocalls to announce the competition winners in north and south Wales.

Tactics and Implementation


The multimedia campaign included:

  • Multimedia content – Lego® timelapse video and how-to videos
  • Cadw’s first TV ad for eight years played on Sky Planner
  • International media relations, worldwide reach
  • On site activities and online resources – Lego®  workshops, Lego®  themed postcards/colouring sheets
  • User-generated content – castle building competition
  • PPC, video display ads and a social ad campaign




  • Secured 57 pieces of coverage achieving 148,382,393 OTS (+11314% on target KPI)
  • Exceeded media targets
  • 100% of coverage included at least one key message
  • Secured 65,207 views of ad through spend



  • Received positive feedback from custodians and visitors:
  • “Thank you for providing such inspiring and unusual competitions and events. It presents a fresh and fun face for Cadw, which families want to join in with!”
  • Received positive comments on Facebook, Twitter and Trip Advisor about the campaign:
    • “Castle. Lego. Time lapse. A winning combination!”
  • Received positive feedback from children and parents from Lego workshops:
    • “It was very fun and I enjoyed building lots of historical things!”
  • Established Bob and Judy Carney as American Ambassadors for Wales and Cadw competition winners as family ambassadors.



  • Increased family visitors by 44.77%* (+34.77% on KPI)
  • 201,120 unique users visited the Cadw website (+24% vs. same period last year, 9% increase on KPI)
  • 141,624 views of the campaign videos, (1316% on KPI)
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