NHS Wales Recruitment

Equinox was commissioned in October 2016 by the Welsh Government to support the launch a major recruitment campaign for NHS Wales under the new ‘This is Wales. Train. Work. Live.’ campaign brand.  The campaign initially focused on fill rates for GP and Junior Doctor training places and jobs with year two expanding out to include a targeted campaign for nurses with targeting focused on key areas of England and international countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India.

Outputs: Our campaign focused heavily on social media and digital platforms with real-life case study success stories at the heart of the campaign content to engage with the target audience.  This activity was further supported with bespoke online media partnerships with key medical trade publications and a toolkit of campaign brand assets used to engage key stakeholders across Wales in supporting the campaign on the ground.   Equinox worked closely alongside the other individual project partners to ensure consistency of approach and delivery of a full service recruitment marketing campaign.

Outtakes and Outcomes

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