My unusual journey to PR

My life would have been a lot easier had I been any good at the sciences or maths. I’ve noticed that people who are, seem to follow a distinct career path right from the beginning; they just seem to know what their vocation is in life is and then go on to become successful doctors, engineers or

[insert another great job that pays huge whacking amounts of cash here].

Instead, I went down another route. I decided to study history. Like most people who choose to study a humanities subject for a degree I did so because a) I liked the subject b) I enjoyed writing and c) at the time of filling in my Uni application forms, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do.

Leaving University armed with an array of ‘transferable’ skills I would spend the next few years going from job to job. I’ve worked as a barista, intern, TV researcher, greetings card company owner, cricket coach, volunteer and administrator without finding my calling.

Things eventually changed when I sent a speculative internship application to Equinox. I had some experience of working in PR and marketing through an internship and enjoyed writing press releases and posting videos of animals for Cut Back cards – the greetings card company I mentioned earlier – but I can’t say I knew a great deal about the industry.

I was immediately hooked. I wasn’t just given admin duties and told to make cups of tea, but actually got to write press releases, social media content and work on important campaigns.

I was fortunate to start my internship when a role was available for an account executive and was asked if I wanted to apply. Naturally I jumped up at the opportunity and after a rigorous interview process much akin to the Spanish Inquisition I was given the job.

I’ve enjoyed every moment at Equinox and had the pleasure of working for a variety of clients across a number of different sectors, which has often been immensely rewarding and stimulating.

Needless to say I’m now very happy I’m rubbish at maths!

If you would like to join Equinox’ successful graduate internship programme, please email or or alternatively call 02920 764100.

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