My month as an Equinox intern: Tirza Kreuwel

The Equinox Academy is an ideal place for interns. Whether you have already done some PR internships beforehand or whether it is your first time in the industry, you will learn so much as part of this team within a month.

From day one, I was welcomed by everyone and felt part of the team straight away. I loved how Sophie had prepared a to-do list for me with different tasks for the week, which assured me that I would have a lot to do during my time here and get to make the most of the experience. Sat next to Ioan and given my own laptop, I felt settled in quite quickly and was ready to get started. This first day was made all the better, when the teams celebrated Emma and Dani’s birthday with some cake, creating such an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Equinox has so many different clients and everyone in the team is keen to let you work on their accounts, ensuring you get a wide variety of experience. From writing press releases for Fly-tipping Action Wales to creating blog and social media schedule for STAEDTLER teachers club and Saville, I feel like I truly got to work with different types of industries.

I also got to dib my toes into digital media which was something completely new. It was a lot of fun to make some competition videos for Saville’s shopping park. I could spend hours of experimenting new layouts on Canva and trying to think of competitions.

My highlights of the internship were selling-in press releases and interviewing case studies for NHS Wales train work live, as these experiences were completely new. Although it was nerve-wrecking, Dani prepared me plenty and gave me the confidence that I could do it. After the first call, you start realising that really it is not as nerve-wrecking as expected and is actually a lot of fun.

Equinox is such a welcoming place that gives their interns plenty of responsibilities and opportunities to try new things. I truly recommend this to anyone, who wants to widen their skills or wants to see if this is the industry they would like to enter. If you feel inspired by this blog, then contact Equinox quickly, as they are very popular with plenty of people looking for a one-month opportunity at this friendly agency.

As for me, I unfortunately have to say goodbye to the team and go back to my studies. For the next few months I will finish my masters and thanks to Equinox, I now feel fully prepared and am keen to start my career in public relations.

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