Making it happen in 2013

It’s that time again when we all make resolutions for the year ahead. Here’s what the EC team wants to make happen in 2013, we’re all feeling pretty positive…
Eryl – Completing the Rome marathon with a dodgy knee is one of my goals for 2013 as for resolutions, drinking less tea!
Zara – Build on great success of Equinox in 2013 – make it best ever year yet again. Personal goals – teach my daughter to read, swim and be polite! Continue to explore Wales in 2013 and visit Corsica and walk the GR20 route.
Becky – To sort through my jam-packed wardrobe. I plan to be ruthless – will be getting rid of anything that hasn’t seen the light of day since last New Year!
Helen – To travel to new and exciting places – the first on the list being Boston, and to hopefully get on the property ladder.
Louise – The usual ones I never stick to – eat less, drink less, more exercise… therefore my true resolution is to stick to my goals! And, not so much of a new year’s resolution, but an on-going one – to visit more and more places.
Kate – I’m determined to learn to ride a bike (I know, ridiculous I can’ t already), I want to visit friends who live in different cities more often and I’m keen to do some volunteer work either abroad or closer to home, open to suggestions.
Elinor – My New Year’s resolutions usually consist of trying to do less – eat less, drink less, spend less money but this year, I’m going to look at it as attempting to do more – save more money, exercise more, explore more new places and see more of old friends.
Tristan – 2012 taught me how important it is to have good friends around you so in 2013 I plan on visiting close friends more often and getting back in touch with old friends (wherever they are in the world!)
Mike – To put my new squash racquet to good use! I can get quite competitive, so won’t be happy till I win the local league! If there any challengers out there to get in touch…
Catrin – I’m planning on making 2013 a year of firsts, starting with a skiing trip.

Here’s to a very happy New Year, we think 13 is going to be a lucky one.


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