Launching the Smoking Ban in Cars with Children for the Welsh Government

Following a public consultation and ‘yes’ vote by the Welsh Government, from 01 October 2015, it became illegal in Wales, and in England, to smoke in private vehicles when someone under the age of 18 is present. Equinox was commissioned to devise and implement a Wales-wide PR campaign (14 September through to 30 October 2015) to maximise public awareness of and compliance with the new law.

PR outputs

1/ Bi-lingual press releases & case studies

  • Warm up news release (14 September) ‘Countdown to ban on smoking in cars with children begins’
  • National launch press release (01 October) ‘Ban on smoking in cars begins’
  • Ten regional versions of launch release for key local newspapers
  • Five local smoker case studies and two ‘white coat’ experts (Grandfather Cameron Stewart, Blackwood; Grandfather Kelvin Edwards, Port Talbot; Mother Janine Lipscombe, Swansea; Grandmother Carole Lewis, Merthyr; Grandfather Derek Donegan, Caerphilly and experts Dr Patrick Flood Page, Newport Chest Clinic; Dr Iolo Doull, University Hospital Cardiff)
  • Leafleting activity outside Morrison’s Ebbw Vale on 01 October (2 hours) issuing campaign information to shoppers plus shots of two local shoppers with children who support the ban for issue to the Merthyr Express and Gwent Gazette

2/ Bi-lingual social media posts

  • A four-weekly schedule of themed bi-lingual content for Facebook and Twitter using existing campaign infographics and case study images
  • New video content to drive engagement (rugby-themed video; smoke-free vox pops in English and in Welsh; video interview with expert Patrick Flood Page) plus three new videos produced by ASH Cymru

3/ Wales Online partnership

  • A two week-long media partnership which ran across w/c 19 and 26 October and comprised of:
  • Interactive Patch the Dragon game promoted across the Wales Online social media channels with two sponsored Tweets out to the 83k followers and promoted posts to the Facebook audience of over 144k people across Wales as well as across the Fresh Start Wales Facebook and Twitter channels
  • Fresh Start Wales branded takeover of the Wales Online ‘What’s On’ page on Thursday 22 October and again on Tuesday 27 October to coincide with the launch of the above online game and encourage clicks through to the Fresh Start Wales website
  • Wales Online reader survey polling its daily audience of circa.80, 000 unique visitors to find out their views on the recent Smoking in Cars Ban and whether the think that the recent ban should be extended to other areas where children are present such as outside schools and children’s playgrounds


PR Outcomes

Across the seven week promotional period:

  • 5m people / 21m opportunities to see/hear achieved through national and regional press, broadcast and online media coverage
  • 5 minutes of bi-lingual national broadcast TV and radio news coverage delivered
  • Over 83k people reached through eight Facebook promoted posts. The videos within these posts achieved 5k views with 546 engagements (through post ‘likes’, comments and shares)
  • A further 36k people in Wales were reached through the ITV Wales News Facebook post. This post generated an additional 459 engagements (through post ‘likes’, comments and shares)
  • Over 90k people total reached and 890 engaged (through ‘likes’, comments and shares) with bi-lingual content posted to the campaign Facebook page across the entire promotional period
  • Over 67k people reached (2.7k each day on average) through bi-lingual campaign tweets and hashtags including #SmokeFreeCarsWales and #CeirDifwgCymru
  • Over 38k additional people reached through the two week Wales Online media partnership which generated over 57k opportunities to see the campaign messaging and driving 1,109 clicks through from the ads to the interactive game.
  • 1k shares of the online survey – the most popular survey run by Wales Online to date
  • Over 1k completed the online survey where, 93% support the recent smoking banning cars with children. 76% think that smoking should also be banned outside the school gates
  • 37% increase in web traffic across month of October to the English language Fresh Start Wales website




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