Welsh Government Smoking Ban in Cars with Children

Following a public consultation and ‘yes’ vote by the Welsh Government, from 01 October 2015, it became illegal in Wales, and in England, to smoke in private vehicles when someone under the age of 18 is present. Equinox was commissioned to devise and implement a seven-week Wales-wide PR campaign to maximise public awareness of and compliance with the new law.

Outputs: Bi-lingual press releases & case studies: warm up news release ‘Countdown to ban on smoking in cars with children begins’ & national & regional launch press release ‘Ban on smoking in cars begins’ using five local smoker case studies and two ‘white coat’ experts Dr Patrick Flood Page, Newport Chest Clinic & Dr Iolo Doull, University Hospital Cardiff, to secure national and local broadcast, print & online coverage; Bi-lingual social media scheduling using campaign infographics , case studies and video to drive engagement; National media partnership with Wales Online comprising of  an interactive ‘Patch the Dragon’ game promoted across the Wales Online social media channels; branded take over of the ‘What’s On’ page and reader online survey to canvass reaction to the newly introduced ban.

Outtakes and Outcomes


  • 1 x national & regional media warm up & launch story
  • 5 x case studies & 2 x white coat experts
  • 1 x national media partnership
  • Social media scheduling


  • 8.5m audience reach through media & 41.5 minutes of bi-lingual national broadcast TV and radio news coverage
  • Over 500k audience reach through campaign and media partner social media
  • Over 38k audience reach through Wales Online media partnership


  • 29k video views & 890 total engagements (through post ‘likes’, comments and shares) with content on Facebook
  • 459 engagements (through post ‘likes’, comments and shares) with ITV Wales News Facebook post
  • 1,109 clicks through from the media partnership editorial to the interactive game and 1k shares and 1k completions of the online survey – the most popular survey run by Wales Online to date


  • 37% increase in web traffic across month of October to the English language Fresh Start Wales website
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