Welsh Government Dementia Risk Reduction Roadshows

Equinox was commissioned by the Welsh Government, two years in a row (2016 & 2017) to develop and deliver a high impact bilingual four-week campaign burst to encourage people in Wales to ACT NOW to reduce risk of developing dementia later in life by adopting a healthier lifestyle.  The 2017 campaign focused around a series of employer roadshows across Wales.  Key outputs and outcomes are detailed below.

Outputs: 10-day pan Wales roadshow (at large employers & shopping centres) with online PLEDGE to ACT NOW, Selfie Station and goody bags with campaign leaflet and fridge magnet (featuring the six steps for change) to take away; Six case studies sourced from across Wales (people who had already made positive lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of dementia in later life) and ‘white coat’ expert, Dr Peter Elwood of University Hospital Wales, pitched to national and local media; Stakeholder toolkit of bilingual downloadable campaign resources issued to target large employers, Local Health Boards, Local Authorities to support campaign on the ground; Digital advertising on Facebook, Programmatic Network and Google Search; Social media schedule for Facebook & Twitter, enriched with multimedia content, to drive engagement amongst 35-55 year olds across Wales.

Outtakes and Outcomes


  • 21 campaign launch press cuttings (print & online) & 19.5 minutes broadcast (TV & Radio)
  • 70 Facebook posts / tweets
  • 88 stakeholders engaged through toolkit
  • 10 roadshows / Over 8,000 campaign leaflets issued & 2,300 goody bags at roadshows
  • Four-week digital advertising campaign (Facebook, Programmatic & Google Search)


  • Over 6.8 million total audience across Wales via media
  • Over 31,000 impressions on Twitter & Over 320,000 total audience via Facebook
  • Over 371,000 total impressions via digital advertising (Facebook, Programmatic & Google Search)


  • Over 3,000 people directly engaged with at roadshow events
  • Over 8,000 engagements through ‘likes’, comments & shares (E&W) of posts on Facebook
  • 570 new FB page ‘likes’ & 46 new Twitter followers
  • 5,028 link clicks to campaign website
  • 104 link clicks via Programmatic digital ads & 976 link clicks via Google Search keywords


  • 135% increase in webpage visits & 150% increase in page users
  • Over 350 online PLEDGES to ACT NOW completed on campaign website
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