Network Rail

Network Rail (formerly Railtrack) is the not-for-profit company which owns and maintains Britain’s railway infrastructure which includes track, bridges, stations and signalling. Our Mission To avoid being tagged a “faceless” organisation, following some high profile issues, Network Rail commissioned Equinox for more than eight years to raise the profile of the organisation in Wales through […]


Stagecoach, one of the biggest bus operators in the UK. Our Mission Stagecoach commissioned Equinox to promote and raise awareness of its investment in new buses and increased frequencies on key routes in South Wales. Our Approach The overall objective was increasing passenger numbers and building a positive reputation but Equinox also set out to […]


Equinox has considerable experience of working within the transport and motoring industries and success with one of its first clients, Mazda, led to commissions from Toyota, Ford and BMW. Our Mission The fundamental requirement was awareness of dealerships, new product and new car launches and community relations activity. Our Approach To fulfil Mazda’s requirement, Equinox […]

First Great Western

During the past 12 years, Equinox has been commissioned to undertake a number of projects spanning the whole spectrum of communications for First Great Western, who provide high speed, commuter, regional and branch line train services carrying more than 70 million passengers a year. Our Mission These projects include the launch of the new Class […]

Arriva Trains Wales

With knowledge of transport one of its proven key strengths, Equinox was commissioned to devise a PR campaign to raise awareness of a safety programme being launched by Arriva Trains Wales. Our Mission The company launched a poster campaign with an “Anti-Heroes” theme highlighting some of the behaviour that has led to accidents at stations […]