Network Rail

Network Rail (formerly Railtrack) is the not-for-profit company which owns and maintains Britain’s railway infrastructure which includes track, bridges, stations and signalling.

Our Mission

To avoid being tagged a “faceless” organisation, following some high profile issues, Network Rail commissioned Equinox for more than eight years to raise the profile of the organisation in Wales through a pro-active community relations campaign and, when required, assist with any crisis management.

Our Approach

Equinox provided top-level strategic PR support covering many aspects of public relations.

Our approach was three-fold:

Dealing with all media enquiries by establishing a full 24-hour press office facility.

Implementing a programme of community and educational programmes centring round the key issues of trespass and vandalism costs lives and millions of pounds

Assisting with crisis management especially in the aftermath of the Southall, Ladbroke Grove and Hatfield train accidents.

The Result

Equinox managed all Network Rail’s media enquiries in Wales and gained extensive positive coverage at a time when the media tended to be quite negative and cynical towards the whole industry.

A number of events to highlight key investment projects included a major refurbishment programme for the Severn Tunnel, the station regeneration programme and signalling projects, all of which gained positive media coverage.

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