Arriva Trains Wales

With knowledge of transport one of its proven key strengths, Equinox was commissioned to devise a PR campaign to raise awareness of a safety programme being launched by Arriva Trains Wales.

Our Mission

The company launched a poster campaign with an “Anti-Heroes” theme highlighting some of the behaviour that has led to accidents at stations and on trains.

Equinox was commissioned to run a communications plan to maximise levels of positive media coverage across Wales and position Arriva as an innovative company that is addressing issues to improve the travelling experience of its passengers.

Our Approach

Equinox hired actors to wear bright, visual super hero costumes representing the main causes of accidents, Super Twerp, Wander Woman and Rush Gordon.

They were deployed at a series of media events at stations and on board trains across Arriva’s franchise area.

Equinox named it the super safety campaign and obtained endorsement from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Five-year statistics underlined helped a call to action for passengers and Equinox gave staff “Super Safety” stickers to wear and give away to children during the week-long campaign.

The Result

Local station managers were included in local press photographs and there was positive coverage across the area in local and regional media.

Equinox arranged for one photographer to follow the travelling Super Safety Campaign Team throughout the day and press releases were sent en route and from Equinox offices during the day to ensure all deadlines were met.

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