Oakwood, the top paid-for attraction in Wales, commissioned Equinox to raise the positive profile of the theme park in the news pages of the consumer media in Wales.

Our Mission

The aim was to position Oakwood as the number one choice for a family fun day out in Wales.

Our Approach

Equinox released a series of creative, fun press releases to target media in the build-up to the summer season to secure a constant level of positive media coverage. The target audience ranges from students to families from across the UK.

Initiatives included speed-dating on a rollercoaster, sun watch for children at the Park and even wildlife stories from the park to highlight the rural setting.

To build on the constant level of coverage, Equinox then created three peaks of activity throughout the season where media events were hosted at the Park and exclusive features placed in key media.

The Result

Oakwood is one of the UK’s top 10 theme parks, attracting more than 350,000 visitors a year.

Visitor numbers have increased and customer research reveals a marked rise in return visitors to the Park as a result of positive press coverage.

Ongoing media relations with What’s On guides ensures UK national coverage as well as in Wales.

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