Folly Farm

Folly Farm in west Wales is one of Wales’ top leisure attractions. It invested an impressive £1million to further develop the zoo by adding four new residents to the more than 200 animals and 50 species already at the attraction.

Our Mission

Four giraffes, Ja Ja, Taharqa, Khama, and Rafiki, would become Wales’ only giraffes and only the second tower of giraffes to tread on Welsh soil. For Folly Farm, they would become the star attraction of the tourist season.

Equinox was to position Folly Farm as one of Wales’ top tourist attractions by raising its profile across all media outlets nationally and within a geographical area of a three hour drive from the attraction.

Our Approach

We only had three weeks to research, plan and deliver a media launch and PR campaign to promote the giraffes’ arrival – a very tight deadline!

Equinox implemented a drip feed media campaign to create a buzz around the imminent arrival of the giraffes by producing factfiles, press release, media briefings and a DVD.

Wales’ tallest man, Matthew Langmaid was also involved in the launch event and standing at 7’2” he offered the perfect photo opportunity.

Whilst the brief was initially to target Welsh and south west England media, creative use of photography was key to securing national UK media interest as well. Equinox worked with the photographer to create a shadowed out image of the four giraffes’ arrival and issued to national broadsheets with a caption post launch. Coverage followed in The Guardian and The Times.

The Result

A total of 23 articles were secured in national, regional and local print media and online, and broadcast coverage was also extensive due to strong attendance on the day, which included crews from ITV, BBC, S4C and Tinopolis. 35 radio hits were achieved on national and regional radio stations.

More than 50,000 visitors flocked to Folly Farm during the Easter holidays, up 25% on the previous year’s figures, and overall visitor figures for 2009 increased by 13% on the annual average.

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