STAEDTLER UK Triplus® Campaign

Creating a celebrity chihuahua and social media star, yes really!

Equinox was brought on board to deliver a faaaabulously creative social media campaign to promote STAEDTLER UK’s triplus® product range to teenage girls in 2014.


STAEDTLER UK had created a new TV ad to air in the run-up to the ‘Back to School’ season in 2014, featuring a voiceover by Fearne Cotton, a fashion design scene and a pampered chihuahua named Tyson. Equinox was tasked with creating a social media campaign to run alongside the TV ad, which would capture the attention of teenage girls and establish triplus® products as the ultimate fashion design accessory.


To capitalise on social media users’ love of all things cute and fluffy, Equinox used the TV ad’s star, Tyson the chihuahua, as the face of the social media campaign. We really got into Tyson’s mindset, developing a character profile that outlined his favourite foods and hobbies, a back story about his fashion design career and life as a celebrity pooch, and even created catchphrases like ‘Chi-WOW-a’ to bring his personality to life.

We used a multi-channel approach to reach a wide teenage audience; using Facebook as the main hub, Twitter to tap into TV and conversations, Instagram to reach the selfie generation, and a tumblr hosted blog to establish Tyson’s fashion credentials by working with style and illustration bloggers.

Great content was crucial to the success of the campaign, so we worked with a fantastic illustrator to create a library of triplus® doodles to appeal to teens, from One Direction song lyrics to GCSE good luck messages. We even did a photoshoot with a chihuahua to create a bank of images planned around 2014’s predicted trends! Developing content that tapped into what teens care about and want to share was absolutely paramount.

To drive engagement, we ran two fashion design competitions, inviting users to draw their dream prom dresses and school uniforms for a chance to win great prizes and triplus® products. By putting the finalists out to public vote, the teens had to encourage their friends to ‘like’ their designs to win, creating outstanding viral reach.

Another important element was to create brand ambassadors. We achieved this by working with influential fashion, illustration and teen bloggers, providing them with products to try. The bloggers’ involvement led to a series of guest blog posts, design submissions, posts on their blogs, career advice tips, and even a Q&A with royal designer, David Emanuel!

The campaign was supported with Facebook and Twitter advertising, using a mix of promoted posts and tweets running alongside ads, to ensure growth in following and interaction.


We were set an ultimate goal of securing 10k combined followers across all channels by the end of 2014. We secured this by August after only five months of being live! Tyson currently has more than 10k Facebook likes and over 13k overall followers (Sept 2014).

In addition to this, we managed to get teenage girls (an unforgiving target audience!) to fall in love with Tyson, with 96% of his following female and 74% of them aged between 13 and 17.

Our campaign has reached more than 5.1m users to date, with nearly 250k interactions with Tyson and the triplus® brand.

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