National Waterfront Museum

Equinox was commissioned to manage the media relations for Wales’ proposed £30million national museum of industrial and maritime history in Swansea.

Our Mission

The National Waterfront Museum Swansea was awarded more than £10million from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the biggest award in Wales, and our role was one of advisor to maximise the media coverage for the announcement.

Our Approach

Working in partnership with the National Museums and Galleries of Wales and the City and County of Swansea, our primary aim was to ensure that the announcement and future plans for the museum gained maximum media coverage, including in the consumer media and trade publications.

Equinox organised and managed a high profile press conference to announce the grant funding.

It was in the existing Maritime and Industry Museum and was attended by more than a hundred VIPs, guests and media. Equinox promoted and highlighted the collection to be exhibited at the new museum and, to give the story local impact, we featured key exhibits from all parts of Wales.

Post event, Equinox liaised closely with local newspapers, feeding regular features on the collection, the people and the future of the project.

This feed was extended to trade publications on heritage, history, tourism, museums and architecture.

The Result

The announcement of the grant gained extensive press and broadcast media coverage across Wales followed by a number of feature articles in key regional newspapers.

The trade press concentrated on articles highlighting the collection, exhibits, concept and design.

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