Westbury Homes

New home house-builder Westbury, with more than 20 sites across South Wales, commissioned Equinox to raise its profile in the property pages of local press to target homebuyers.

Our Mission

Westbury also asked Equinox to raise awareness through regional business media to position the company and their key personnel as an authority on the house market.

The target audience was split between prospective home buyers in South Wales and investors, local planning authorities and landowners.

Our Approach

Equinox selected a three-pronged strategy:

Site activity was promoted to cover show-home openings, charity events and the launch phases of new developments.

Production of a general article each month covering issues relating to lifestyle and interior design and positioning Westbury as experts on the home.

Equinox handled all Westbury’s regional business-to-business PR requirements, targeting the business pages with opinion pieces from key Westbury personnel such as “The impact of the Euro on the Welsh housing market”, commentary on burgeoning house prices and articles about best practice for key magazines such as Business in Wales.

The Result

Equinox consistently achieved extensive coverage in property pages, consumer and lifestyle sections, national home magazines as well as business and personal finance pages, resulting in a 99 per cent hit rate for all material issued.

Westbury was regularly selling to customers straight from plans and often selling properties up to nine months ahead of the build programme.

In early 2006, Westbury was sold to Persimmon Homes and now trades as Charles Church.

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