Davies Richards

Davies Richards, who specialise in niche market country properties, commissioned Equinox to raise its profile and that of its main development, Parc  Pencrug, among consumers and key stakeholders.

Our Mission

Main objectives were to generate positive coverage on property, news and business pages in target media in Wales.

Equinox also set out to position Davies Richards as a builder of top quality new homes, leading the way in excellence with local labour and materials.

Our Approach

Equinox advised Davies Richards to re-work the company logo and create a strapline clearly defining the company to all audiences. Thus, “Davies Richards – Beautiful Countryside Homes” became the basis for a new company brand identity.

The PR campaign was to generate news coverage focusing on two areas – PR around Parc Pencrug and PR around the company brand.

With key messages of quality, innovation, bespoke design, affordability and desirable location, Equinox split the campaign into four areas: Site progress, innovative work methods and materials etc; placing features in property and financial pages around industry themes; securing comment from Davies Richards on business matters to position them as industry experts and generating lifestyle features on new home trends and countryside living.

The Result

Equinox secured high levels of media coverage in property, lifestyle, business and news pages of target media. All Parc Pencrug plots were sold and research showed an increase in customer and stakeholder awareness.

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