Bellway Homes is one of the leading house builders in the UK constructing innovative, unique and bespoke designed properties across South Wales.

Equinox was commissioned to implement a proactive PR campaign to raise the awareness and the profile of Bellway Homes, a relatively new player in the house building market in South Wales.

Our Mission

To raise the profile of Bellway Homes within key media outlets as an innovative and modern house builder through implementing a targeted PR campaign.

Our Approach

The brief was to communicate through the local media and press Bellway’s innovative approach to house building and the design and wide range of properties within their portfolio.

In addition we were tasked with promoting the staff, in particular the sales negotiators, and identifying human-interest stories.

Numerous features were circulated to the media regarding the various sites in the region, the type of houses, and the benefits of owning a Bellway home.

The Result

Comprehensive media coverage was secured for the company right across the media in South Wales, not only in the property supplements, but also in the run of paper where we were able to secure key features on surveys, questionnaires and product-led stories. We also gained some coverage in the business press with key appointments.

We also organised a number of events and one of the biggest successes was the two-day interior design course, which we organised. Interior designer and TV presenter Leslie Taylor was commissioned to do interior design courses for members of the public and apart from the press coverage, radio and TV coverage was gained too.

The Lewistown Partnership open day was another event was another success. The Lewistown council estate was to be demolished and Bellway Homes, in partnership with Bridgend County Borough Council were to rebuild modern homes for the residents.

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