National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Health

The National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Health (NLIAH) supports the NHS in Wales to promote health improvement and achieve excellence in the delivery of healthcare services.

Our Mission

NLIAH’s Welsh Critical Care Improvement Programme (WCCIP) began in 2006 and is a new approach to patient care in Critical Care Units across Wales. Based on the theory of Care Bundles, where each patient is systematically treated to the same routine everyday, it leads to improved patient care on the ward and financial savings for a Trust.

Equinox was commissioned to deliver an internal communications campaign and equip the WCCIP team with the tools and skills they needed to promote the programme to participating Trusts and key stakeholders within NHS Wales

Our Approach

To assess the challenges with communicating with management and clinicians within the NHS we initially conducted a communications audit and interviewed representatives from each of the participating 15 NHS Trusts. Focus group sessions were also held to pinpoint common issues.

Our approach was to develop a Toolkit of information, coupled with training workshops in media and presentation skills. The Toolkit was designed to empower WCCIP managers to become confident promoters of the programme and ensuring that all key messages were disseminated to their target audiences with a uniform approach to increase impact.

The Toolkit contained ‘How to’ notes on media, organisational and presentation skills, internal promotion and evaluation processes.

Furthermore to support the WCCIP team, we produced monthly e-bulletins, supporting materials, held training workshops and establish a communications micro-site on the NHS Intranet.

The Result

More than 160 managers were trained by Equinox and the initiative was endorsed by CEOs of all 15 participating NHS Trusts in Wales.

Following the success of the campaign the WCCIP programme had its budget secured for a further two years and Care Bundles were adopted in other health departments outside Critical Care.

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