An Ode to RD

As we bid (a sad) adieu to Robert, here’s the team’s run-down of his top Equinox moments…

Meeting Pete

Pete Fowler

Whoever said ‘never meet your heroes’ had obviously never spoken to Robert after his morning with awesome illustrator Pete Fowler.

Not even the Kidwelly weather could dampen Robert’s spirits as he spent the day coordinating a photo call with Mr Fowler to launch Cadw’s exclusive comic series last summer.

We’ve never been able to decide who looks most excited to meet who here. – Jamie 

Being the world’s most considerate colleague


From making countless rounds of coffee, force feeding us Jaffa Cakes, and listening to the (occasional) moan… Robert has to be one of the most considerate people on the planet and was a pleasure to work with! – Helen

The appearance of Desk-pic-able Doherty

Desk-pic-able Doherty 1

As Robert’s desk buddy, I’m pretty used to seeing scenes like this. Mountains of papers, post-its and pens. Three of RD’s favourite things.

You may have heard the saying ‘Tidy desk, tidy mind’ but when it comes to Robert, it definitely doesn’t apply – he’s one of the most organised people in the world. Fact. How he does it with that desk space will remain a mystery!  Sophie

Totally taking to teachers


Robert has never taught a class. But his talent for undertsanding what makes teachers tick over on our Teachers’ Club Facebook is something that I (and thousands of bemused educators around the UK) truly appreciate.

Organic results like this delight me! – Becky

 Powering the troops


Robert, you have made a massive and positive contribution during your time here at Equinox and it’s clear that all of us have enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your continued commitment during your time here and you will be sorely missed, especially as the office “mother” keeping the troops watered and fed… something I never took full advantage of for some reason – I love biscuits and chocolate!
– Eryl

Providing regular art attacks


Robert added sparkle to every element of work he did – his drawing skills, freehand and online, even helped brighten up our plans, proposals, and client work. – Zara

Star Wars Chats


Trying to explain this to me with such enthusiasm. I still don’t get it (sorry!) – Helen

Being a top trainer


I’ve always had a tendency to switch off in class. I usually get distracted by squirrels climbing trees, or by trying to recite every American state in my head.

But, I was captivated throughout Robert’s agency Photoshop tutorial and think I may well have developed a new found enthusiasm for the programme. I guess it’s getting that kind of response and reaction from a student is what constitutes a ‘Top Trainer’! – Lewis

Being crowned ‘King of the Puns’

Let it Glow

I will be eternally jealous of Robert’s ability to produce reams of puns at break-neck speed. From press release headlines to campaign hashtags and clever social posts, when it comes to puns, Robert is your man. Prime example: ‘Let it Glow’! – Sophie

Making a short but sweet impression


Being the Equinox newbie, my time working with Robert has been short but sweet, and reading the above makes me feel a bit robbed!

I can however, back up the claims of my colleagues, Robert never gave up asking if I wanted a hot drink (I’ve said yes once or twice), I’ve gained about 10 stone from biscuit consumption, and the smile on his face at opening his leaving gift is proof of his credentials as a Star Wars enthusiast. Sorry we haven’t had more time to chat! Catrin

Sticky Situation


We’re all going to miss Robert but we’re not the only ones who will lose out when he leaves us.

We’re sure to see the closure of several Llanishen bakeries and apparently the guys at the Post-it factory have been having crisis meetings since his job replacement appeared on the Equinox website – Jamie 

Giving us our daily dose of Scotland


From being first in the queue to try the Scottish beer on social, to dropping the odd ‘wee’ into an email, Robert picks up where Braveheart left off, and helps make our lives that little bit more Scottish. – Becky


Safe to say we’ll miss having Robert around, but we wish him the best of luck in his next steps. Let us know how those Star Wars doodles pan out.


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