A month in the life as an Equinox Intern

Today, we bid adieu to our fabulous intern, Dani. But before she sets off on her travels to Australia, she spared five to share her Equinox experience…

Writing this blog post on my final day as an intern and having spent a month working alongside some amazing PR professionals doing the sort of work I love, makes saying goodbye a sad one.

Having already done some PR interning before coming to Equinox, my experience was made all the more valuable. I knew that this was the career path for me and I knew I could get stuck into all the tasks thrown at me.

After being given my own desk, laptop, phone and very own Becky (Account Manager), I felt quite at home. The team was one of the friendliest I had encountered and I was very soon made to feel one of them.

An intern might expect to be on tea & coffee duty, client cuttings and perhaps some boring admin… not at Equinox; I was an honorary member of the Equinox consumer team.

STAEDTLER UK is one of their clients, and being a renowned #stationaryaddict and social media devotee, I was in my element. I was given ownership of Tyson Triplus’ instagram account for the month, and thus spent 20% of my day pretending to be a fictional, sassy Chihuahua. This task meant that creativity was endless, and so, I was given the free reign to create all sorts of doodles and images with STAEDTLER pens.

Marilyn and Audrey Bubblegum

Other tasks included scheduling social media for several retail parks, carrying out research for Cadw and the Retreats Group, observing and contributing in creative brainstorms and meetings, writing press releases for Canmol Media Awards, and also media and client liaison.

I was also hit with some grueling tasks. In my second week I was ringing round national papers to sell-in PR stories… not an easy one!

But the two highlights for me: Helping Becky organise the Canmol Awards (which included a trip to Ikea, buying 50 multicolored photo frames, metres & metres of ribbon, and madly fixing everything together, all before 5pm), and the Equinox social at Cardiff Bay; a fantastic way to get to know everyone better over some wine and amazing food at Cote Brasserie.

Whilst I feel I’m still yet to create an ‘outstanding’ Equinox standard coffee, I feel as though my time at Equinox has been invaluable. I would recommend any graduate with an interest in PR to apply for the Equinox Academy scheme to learn, as I did, from some amazing PR professionals.

For the next 7 months I will be putting my newly developed blog skills to use as I embark on my travelling trip. But I hope to return to Cardiff after my travels and pursue a career in this industry.

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