5 Epic Things In 5 Days

So far, February has been super busy, exciting and slightly random (so pretty much a standard week at Equinox then!)

Here’s 5 epic things that happened this week. 

1. This view

Flint Castle

Becky and I headed up to Flint Castle on Thursday to plan for a top secret project and got to witness this stunning sight.

2. This ‘zentangle’

triplus zentangles

Our latest competition for STAEDTLER triplus took its inspiration from brand partner, Johanna Basford, in the form of ‘zentangles.’ We received our highest number of entries to date, and awesome creations like this one!

3. This client video

STAEDTLER case study in creation

Our lovely friends over at STAEDTLER HQ kindly provided us with a video testimonial (soon to appear on the website!)

Thanks Rachel 🙂

4. This, erm, Ryan Gosling post

Ryan on Teachers Club

It went viral and provided our teaching community with eye candy. We’re all heart.

5. And finally, this time where Becky had to be a benchCadw site visit

Have a great weekend all!


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